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Inspire Our Future, Send Kids to Camp headerCan you hear them? The squeals, giggles and cheers of more than 2,000 children a week back at the Y. They are stretching their legs, their minds and their confidence as they return to summer day camp at the Y. They are ready to overcome the gaps and consequences created in their young lives by a worldwide pandemic. But in order to do so — they need you!

Let's step back and talk about the gaps and hidden impacts, so you might better appreciate just how important kids' involvement in Y programs is at this very moment. COVID-19 caused schools in more than 160 countries to close — affecting 1.5 billion students. The impact of being out of school may last a lifetime, influencing their future and ours.

While children may not be the face of this pandemic, they risk being among its biggest victims — having a profound effect on their well-being. It's our social responsibility to bridge the gaps and reduce the impacts created by COVID-19 to help children thrive. What the world looks like tomorrow is our responsibility today.

The Y has specifically created this year's summer camp experience to address three major gaps: social/emotional wellness, safety and academics. And these gaps are disproportionately larger for less advantaged kids.

A United Nations Policy Brief, “The Impact of COVID-19 on Children” states:

“This is an unprecedented crisis and it presents unprecedented risks to the rights and safety and development of the world's children… We have a chance to not only defeat this pandemic, but to transform the way we nurture and invest in the young generation. But we have to act now, we have to act decisively, and at very large scale.”

We ask for your help in leveling the playing field for all kids through an enriching camp experience. After countless hours sitting indoors, glued to electronic screens more than ever, these children need to get outside, play, run, jump and spend time with other children. More than ever, they need the opportunity to just be kids!

We have gone to extra lengths to prepare our staff to teach not only our core values, but also arts and crafts, games and sports. Additionally, we've prepared staff to nurture and process with children the trauma caused by the pandemic. Our staff have received specialized training in trauma-informed care, child abuse prevention and academic enrichment.

Nat Corrall, our Association Director of Child and Youth Development says:

“We will be the first outside family members that most campers will see between last school year and next school year. And we take that responsibility very seriously.”

We've planned, cleaned and cleaned again, trained and prepared for kids to come back to the Y and we are ready! Now we need you. We are asking for your help… because you are essential. Your support will ensure that the Y has the tools and resources necessary to make a meaningful difference for all kids, regardless of income level.

Now is the time to invest in our future!

On behalf of those you will touch,
Shelly McTighe-Rippengale
Shelly McTighe-Rippengale
Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer

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