Daily Day Camp

Day Camp

These ultra-spirited, fun-filled camps are full of big themes, big ideas and big fun!

Each week will have a different theme that will guide our activities and trips for the week.

Set in the YMCA style of different crazy activities each and every day, your camper will be traveling on special adventures throughout San Diego: visiting theme parks, taking swim lessons, going to local parks and beaches, or simply having a great time at one of our extraordinary facilities.

Go big, go traditional!


5 - 13

Daily Fees

1 $81.00 $93.00
2 $162.00 $186.00
3 $243.00 $279.00
4 $324.00 $372.00
5 $405.00 $465.00

More Information

We have the perfect solution for families who only need a partial week of camp or just a single day. Daily campers join our exciting line of parttime traveling camps or High Fives traditional camps. Daily Day gives you the flexibility of having camp when you want it. Enjoy the spirit and excitement of camp, with the option of signing up for any single day of camp — minus worrying at all about any late fees or a full-week commitment!

Note: Bus travel

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Learn more about Day Camp at the Toby Wells YMCA.