LIT Training

Summer Day Camp

The YMCA's Leader in Training (LIT) and Counselor in Training (CIT) programs are an excellent opportunity for teens to learn hands-on job experience and responsibilities, while still under the supervision of our camp staff team.

Additionally, all hours completed within LIT Placement can be recorded as community service hours!


14 - 17


On or before 06/08/2020


After 06/08/2020




More Information

When you are too young to be a counselor, and too experienced as a camper, the LIT program is available as a two-phase training course designed to strengthen the gap between camper and staff. The skills learned in a camp environment are useful and relevant to life beyond summer camp. LITs will study leadership, public speaking, responsibility, expression of creativity, first aid, CPR and more as they build self-confidence. Have fun and be a role model this summer!

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