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2019-2020 School Year


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Dynamic After School Hours (DASH)

2019-2020 School Year 

DASH is a recreational program for children enrolled in 1st - 6th grade, funded by the Chula Vista Elementary School District and operated by the SOUTH BAY FAMILY YMCA.  Its purpose is to supplement and enhance daily physical exercise for each child. There is no homework assistance at DASH which operates after school for 2 hours a day on regular school days and 3 hours a day on minimum days when school is in session. Students must be enrolled in DASH in order to attend.

YMCA DASH staff are trained to work with children. They are First Aid/CPR certified and have cleared fingerprint and background checks. Ratios for DASH are 1 YMCA staff to 25 students for our daily activities. Students who attend DASH are required to participate in the activities provided that day for as long as they choose to attend the program. Our activities commonly take place in multi-purpose rooms, outside on fields, and on blacktop areas. They consist of daily assemblies, organized games, arts and crafts, and sports clinics.


Registration Information:

One Time Registration Fee: An email will be sent if your student was selected from the lottery.  A $50.00 registration fee per student is required by May 3rd to finalize enrollment.  Failure to pay registration fee will result in removal from DASH program roster. 

DASH applications received after the lottery process will be added to the wait list in the order received. During this time applications will ONLY BE ACCEPTED at the SOUTH BAY FAMILY YMCA 1201 Paseo Magda, Chula Vista, CA 91910.



Q. Why a lottery?

To ensure every family currently attending a DASH school has an equal chance of getting accepted into DASH, currently enrolled DASH students must reapply every year.


Q. Who is eligible to enter the lottery?

Kindergarteners will not be accepted. Students in grades 1st-6th who are enrolled in the 2019-2020 school year.


Q. Can I enter more than once?

NO. Each family will receive only one lottery number at a given school. Names and addresses will be cross-checked. Any attempt to submit more than one application at the same school or across multiple schools will result in immediate disqualification. If you are uncertain which school your child will attend, please submit an application for your home school.


Q. How will the applications be selected?

A computer program will randomly choose the total number of lottery participants distributed to each school. YMCA staff will pull valid applications according to the computer-generated list of numbers until all of the spaces in the program are filled, and will continue in this method for creating the wait list.


Q. How many students will be accepted into DASH?

Program staffing allows for the daily attendance of approximately 50 students per day. Our automated system will automatically pull 50 students from the list.  Children from the same family will not be split up as long as their applications are submitted together.


Q. How will I know if my children are accepted?

Selected students, as well as the wait list will be available on Friday, April 26th, 2019.  Lists will be posted in the school office. Only students identified as ENROLLED will be required to submit payment.


Q. What if my family is on the wait list?

DASH administrative staff will notify waitlisted families if and when they can start attending the DASH program. This will be determined by the usage patterns at schools, which change throughout the year. Though we strive to maintain the maximum daily attendance, there are no guarantees a student on the wait list will be enrolled. If your application number is not announced as ENROLLED, you will need to wait until a DASH admin representative contacts you before sending your child (ren) to DASH.


Q. What if I miss the lottery enrollment?

If you missed the lottery enrollment, you will still be able to add your name to the existing waitlist. Applications must be submitted to the SOUTH BAY FAMILY YMCA at 1201 Paseo Magda, Chula Vista, CA 91910 and will be added in the order received (according to time stamp).


Q. What if I am in another YMCA program?

To be eligible for DASH, you must be current with all YMCA payments. If DASH conflicts with your enrollment in another YMCA program but you wish to attend DASH, you must cancel your program enrollment and give/honor any appropriate cancellation notices.


Q. How does space become available in DASH during the school year?

We appreciate when families who no longer need DASH inform us so we may enroll other students. Additionally, students may be dis-enrolled for any of the following reasons: poor attendance, late pickups, unpaid registration fees, and behavior challenges.


Q. Am I able to turn  in applications for children other than those living in my household?

No, you may only turn in applications for children living in your household. We want to ensure all families directly receive a lottery number.


Q. How do I go about enrolling my children if they attend a different school?

When submitting your application in person, please inform our staff team your children attend different schools. We will need to take note of that to ensure you receive one lottery number. Please inform our staff team which school is considered your home school.


Q. Why is there a one-time registration fee?

Registration fees are a family’s commitment to the program. The fee helps with the financial sustainability for the DASH program so students may enjoy a safe, high quality program.