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Computer Basics

Digital Arts And Workshops

Explore the world of mathematics and art in our 3D design program. Learn how to create your very own design and watch them come to life with our 3D printer. This is the perfect blend of technological understanding with artistic flair. You can learn a new trade that may interest you as a future career in life. 3D design is used in a multitude of fields like game design, interior design, fabrication and so much more. Working in 3 dimensions forces you to problem solve in different ways, showing you that there are many different ways to approach an issue. You will not only learn a new software but gain a better understanding and appreciation for 3D space.


18 - 99


On or before 12/12/2022


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Learn a new trade, and express yourself artistically with software that is easy to use and learn. No external software is required! All you need to bring is your curiosity and excitement to build three-dimensional forms that you can tangibly hold in your hands.