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Game Design - Core

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Are you tired of just playing games and want to make them now!?! Let's learn to make games using CORE. CORE is a powerful tool used by many game designers, new and seasoned, to bring their ideas to life. Here at the Mission Valley YMCA, we will explore this virtual sandbox to give you the tools needed to create worlds.

The concepts learned here can give you a head start in the gaming world by familiarizing you with concepts that many have to wait until college to be introduced to!

So put down your controller, grab your mouse and keyboard and let's start making!


8 - 12


On or before 10/10/2022


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CORE is powered by the Unreal Engine which is a gaming engine that many of the games we know and love are created by. We will dive into different concepts like level design, object interaction and scripting. Through this, you will gain more confidence with game development and gain a better understanding and appreciation of what it takes to make a game.