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Minecraft Builders

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Minecraft has given us a world that we can explore, create and play in! So, let’s use all of those tools to help build a community!

Through various activities like team events, build offs and so much more we help grow our children’s curious minds and teach them collaborative efforts even if they are worlds apart. Working on a team has evolved over the years and being able to communicate and accomplish a goal remotely can help prepare them for other activities in their lives and school. While all these skills will prove beneficial for anyone to acquire we cannot forget the most important lesson of them all - to have fun in the process! So, let’s go craft the world one block at a time!


6 - 12


On or before 12/16/2022


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Learn the ropes in Minecraft! Enjoy fun mini-games created in a world to gain a better understanding of the world of Minecraft and how the player can change the landscape. Grow your skills as builders and develop team-building skills while playing various games that will test your crafting skills. Work together to build megastructures, sustainable towns and so much more!

A copy of Minecraft Java Edition is required as well as access to Discord and a headset to speak with the instructor.