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Modded Minecraft

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Minecraft is a world of infinite possibilities! In this program, we will be exploring some of the crazier things that it has to offer. We will travel to new worlds, build things that cannot be found in vanilla Minecraft and work together to make the world our own. If you thought the Nether was exciting, well you haven't seen anything yet!

Some of the mods available to us will allow us to travel through space and teach us how to make habitable environments for us to venture across their unknown terrains. Or we can travel to mysterious lands filled with guardians that we must champion in order to see the world's secrets. We can even become herbalists, magicians or engineers with some of the amazing things added in with our various mods.


8 - 12


On or before 09/15/2022


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Work together cooperatively with the other participants in the program to learn all of the secrets that these new worlds have to offer. We will create new roles within our Minecraft community based on what excites you the most.

Requirements for the program: An active Java Edition of Minecraft