Gymnastics Birthday Party

Birthday Party


1 - 99


On or before 11/05/2022




More Information

All of our parties are 2 hours long, with the first hour being in our gym and the second for food/cake. Once you book a party, our team will reach out to you within 72 hours to go over your child’s special day! At that time, you can choose if you want a Gymnastics, Parkour or Little Ninjas party. 

What’s included in the gymnastics portion of the party? 

Gymnastics Party: 

  • YMCA coaches will lead the kids in a warm-up. 
  • Children will then split up into multiple groups for different events including beam, bars, obstacle course and trampoline. 

Parkour and Little Ninjas Party: 

  • YMCA coaches will lead the kids in a warm-up and stretch. 
  • Children will then rotate between multiple obstacle courses, trampoline and pit. 

We will provide tables and chairs; you are welcome to bring food/cake/utensils/decorations.* 

Adults may arrive up to 30 minutes early to set up decorations in the party room. 

Party size is limited to 20 children. Younger children who remain with adults during the gymnastics portion of the party will not be included in this count.

Parents may take pictures in the gymnastics facility. Adults may not get on any of the equipment.   

*We do not allow confetti, piñatas or painting in our gymnastics facility or in our conference room. 

If you have any questions please contact Linnea Campbell at [email protected]