Belly Dance

Dance Class

Dancing is an expression of joy, creativity, talent and confidence. Dancing allows people to let loose and express themselves. At its core, dancing makes people happy — especially when they have some serious moves to show off. It’s a healthy activity that brings joy to all who participate.


10 - 90


On or before 10/29/2022


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Come and explore the joy and health benefits of belly dancing! Join us in Studio 4 as instructor Maryann Nowell leads us in this fun and highly expressive form of dance. Belly Dance provides a great low-impact workout, burning about 300 calories an hour while promoting improved balance, strength, coordinator, confidence, and posture.

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Please note that this is an advanced course. Completion of the Introduction to Belly Dance class or prior dancing background is highly encouraged.

What will we learn in Belly Dance?

  • Over Eights / Under Eights
  • 3/4 Shimmies
  • Travel Steps
  • Rib Rocks, Rib Eights
  • Pops, Tucks
  • Combinations
  • Undulations
  • Veil Movement and Wraps
  • Drum Solos
  • Costuming
  • Choreography
  • Intro to Finger Cymbals
  • Space Awareness
  • Choreography

MONTHLY RATE: Members:  $14.60/class | Participants:$16/class.

DROP-IN RATE:Members: $16 | Participants: $18

To register call or visit the welcome desk.  Questions contact Cara Beltran: [email protected].