Youth Ballet/Tap


Our Toby Wells Y dance program includes fun, healthy and challenging classes from a wide range of dance styles.  We offer youth classes providing a basic introduction to classical ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop. The classes focus on having fun while learning dance terminology, dance etiquette, and technique.  High-energy girls and boys will have a blast learning how to pop and lock in hip hop, shuffle off to buffalo in tap, leaping to higher heights in ballet, and shaking their jazz hands in jazz class.


3 - 4


On or before 05/30/2020


More Information

Ballet students will be taught all of the basic dance positions, such as the five basic foot and arms positions, plié, releve, sauté, and posture and carriage. Tap students will be working on timing to the beat of the music as well as basic shuffle, flaps, shuffle hop, flap hop and a few turns.

Proper Attire:

  • Ballet and tap shoes. Write name inside.
  •  For Girls: Leotard and tights. For Boys: Gym/stretchy pants/shorts and a T-shirt
  • Hair pulled back off of face.