Gymnastics - Gymventures 4

Youth Gymnastics Lessons

Our preschool gymnastics program provides a structured, movement-based class that help children learn the basics of gymnastics and foster social development through cooperative play. Using obstacle courses, equipment stations and positive encouragement, your child will work on building their strength, coordination, and self-esteem!


4 - 5


On or before 04/30/2020


More Information

Gymventures 4 is a fun way to introduce 4 year olds to tumbling, obstacle courses, and gymnastics equipment. Through the use of parachutes, balls, songs, and more, children will develop coordination, balance, and strength. Each class will consist of a short, fun stretch, and 2-3 rotations on different gymnastics equipment including the tumble trak, bars, beam, and floor. Our Gymventures classes will focus on learning new gymnastics skills while also working on listening skills and following directions.