Gymnastics Private 30min 3kids

If you would like your child to receive one on one training with a specific coach at a specific time, you are welcome to schedule a private lesson. Private lessons can be scheduled for thirty minutes or one hour. Children will get personalized attention to work on specific skills.


5 - 99


On or before 05/31/2020


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For those students who would like more individual attention, we offer private lessons for both gymnastics and cheerleading. Private lessons are often used by students who would like extra time to work on specific skills or routines, especially before try-outs or skill evaluations.

Please contact Ashley Kurth: [email protected]

Dates: By appointment only; 30 minute-sessions

Toby Wells (McGrath Pool), (858) 496-9622

Rates (per session; all sessions are 30 minutes or 1 hour)




Private (one-on-one instruction)MemberParticipant
Per Person: 30 minutes$25$30
Per Person: 1 hour$50$60




Semi Private (for two)MemberParticipant
Per Person: 30 minutes$17.50$20
Per Person: 1 hour$30$35



Training for ThreeMemberParticipant
Per Person: 30 minutes$15$17
Per Person: 1 hour$23$26