Individual Private Lesson

Four Lessons - 30 Minutes

Private lessons provide individualized instruction for your child to help them achieve specific goals and get to the next level. This personalized focus can help gymnasts advance their skills at a rapid pace.


3 - 19


On or before 11/01/2022


More Information

Our gymnastics coaches offer private lessons to gymnasts seeking one-on-one instruction. Prior to purchasing one or more private lessons, please schedule the sessions with the gymnastics department, either in person or via phone or email. After you have scheduled the lesson(s) you may pay online or at the branch. Pricing is for the amount of lessons listed above. If you are scheduling multiple private lessons for one child or multiple children, you must register for each session separately.

The health and safety of our participants and staff continues to be our top priority. Our gymnastics programs follow state, local and federal guidelines to ensure a safe experience. We have updated our health and safety procedures to keep our participants safe. View our safety guidelines and policies here.