Level 2

Recreational Gymnastics

All gymnasts in coed level 2 classes must be able to confidently perform on beginner skill level equipment and floor routines while working to expand proper skills. Our intermediate curriculum includes skills on vaults, bars and beams such as arm circle, squat on floor bar, and handstand forward roll as well as introducing additional strength training techniques. Coach evaluation required.

Experienced coaches carefully developed our curriculum with progressive skills that allow gymnasts to advance through each level safely. Because we focus on rewarding individual character development as much as physical skill achievement, we rely on evaluations to test your gymnast’s current skill mastery to ensure they are in the right level class. Evaluations take place throughout the session to provide thorough, consistent feedback to parents and gymnasts about their progress through our curriculum.

To ensure your gymnast is in the proper class level, a coach evaluation is required prior to registration. The evaluation will test their mastery of the following skills:

  • Vault skills: Straight jump to stacked mats, stationary HS flat back, vault shapes
  • Bars skills: Pullover (two feet, back hip circle, shape holds), toes to bar (inverted hollow), underswing dismount, multiple casts in a row, cast straddle sole circle dismount, assisted pull-ups
  • Beam skills: Lever, pivot pivot, handstand, side handstand, passe releve, lock position, pike stand to needle kick, tuck, side handstand from knee
  • Floor skills: Handstand, splits, cartwheel step in, hurdle, assisted bridge kick over, one-armed cartwheel, chasses to leg swing, split jump, candlestick straight jump, forward entry cartwheel turn in, lever, power hurdle, hollow/arch hold


6 - 17


On or before 12/13/2022


More Information

The health and safety of our participants and staff continues to be our top priority. Our gymnastics programs follow state, local and federal guidelines to ensure a safe experience. We have updated our health and safety procedures to keep our participants safe. View our safety guidelines and policies here.