Parkour Beginner

Recreational Gymnastics

Your aspiring athlete will learn to safely maneuver through their environment in a fun and creative way using parkour techniques teaching them to use their body and mind to overcome any obstacle they face. Students will increase their agility, confidence, strength and flexibility in skill-focused rotations while learning to run, vault, flip, climb, and roll over obstacles. 

Experienced coaches carefully developed our curriculum with progressive skills that allow gymnasts to advance through each level safely. Because we focus on rewarding individual character development as much as physical skill achievement, we rely on evaluations to test your gymnast’s current skill mastery to ensure they are in the right level class. Evaluations take place throughout the session to provide thorough, consistent feedback to parents and gymnasts about their progress through our curriculum.


5 - 17


On or before 12/21/2022


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The health and safety of our participants and staff continues to be our top priority. Our gymnastics programs follow state, local and federal guidelines to ensure a safe experience. We have updated our health and safety procedures to keep our participants safe. View our safety guidelines and policies here.