GRAVITY Group Class

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Our specialty fitness classes provide an opportunity to receive expert instruction in a particular discipline or topic.


13 - 99


On or before 04/30/2020


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GRAVITY Small-Group Training

Take a look inside Studio 3 at Mission Valley and you'll see GRAVITY Training System machines or a GRAVITY Group Training class in action. The GTS has a rolling glide board, various resistance levels and a dynamic cable pulley system that allow you to use your own body weight against the pull of gravity. With more than 250 exercise options, a GRAVITY workout is never boring and is always efficient. Engage all major muscle groups for strength and endurance training, stretching, Pilates, and core training.


  • Short, efficient, full-body workout producing fast, observable, body-changing results for all ages and fitness levels
  • Body sculpting – recruits core abdominal and back muscles in every exercise
  • Improved coordination and balance
  • Weight and inch loss, improved BMI
  • Increased metabolism
  • Enhanced functional performance of daily activities and athleticism
  • Cardio-endurance gains during resistance training
  • Low impact and complete back support

Training Options

Classes are offered on a monthly basis. Choose your class time and register for the month. Each class meets once weekly and fees vary based on number of sessions in the month. You can register for multiple classes each month. Priority registration is available for those currently enrolled in classes; your spot will be reserved in the upcoming session for a short period of time, typically until the 7th of the month. If you elect to drop the class or let the reservation expire, the spot will become available for general registration. Drop-in options are available, based on availability.

Contact the coordinator for a demonstration or to try a class.

Note: Make-up classes are available, but must be scheduled in advance with the coordinator.