Knee And Hip Rehab - Pre/Post

Pratt Pool, Mission Valley

Our specialty fitness classes provide an opportunity to receive expert instruction in a particular discipline or topic.


18 - 99


On or before 04/30/2020


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Bend & Flex

Led by certified aquatic personal trainers, this class is designed for those who are planning to or have undergone knee or hip replacements. Prepare your body or continue to improve strength and mobility following discharge from a clinical physical therapy setting.  Four-week sessions begin the first Tuesday of each month.

Classes meet at Mission Valley’s indoor pool (88°-90°). Doctor’s approval recommended. DATE: Tuesdays & Thursdays

Success stories:

"My knee progressively became more painful as time went on, and I became reluctant to exercise at all with my left knee in the water. Everyone except for myself was post knee or hip surgery so I learned a great deal from their experiences. Kari Lorraine was an excellent teacher and I soon discovered many exercises that I could do without fear of injuring my knee any further.” — Sharon C. 

 “I found myself looking forward to attending the class even though it was a 20-minute trip. Ms. Scott was very organized, thorough and knowledgeable. She was attentive to each person in an effort to individualize the class goal, even though each person had a different level of participation. The class was helpful in my hip replacement rehab. I would attend Ms. Scott’s class again.” — Steven Perry