Total Body Workout

GRAVITY Group Class

Our specialty fitness classes provide an opportunity to receive expert instruction in a particular discipline or topic.


13 - 90


On or before 12/17/2022


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GRAVITY Small-Group Training

The GRAVITY Training System has a rolling glide board, various resistance levels and a dynamic cable pulley system that allow you to use your own body weight against the pull of gravity. With more than 250 exercise options, a GRAVITY workout is never boring and is always efficient. Engage all major muscle groups for strength and endurance training, stretching, Pilates, and core training.


  • Short, efficient, full-body workout producing fast, observable, body-changing results for all ages and fitness levels
  • Body sculpting – recruits core abdominal and back muscles in every exercise
  • Improved coordination and balance
  • Weight and inch loss, improved BMI
  • Increased metabolism
  • Enhanced functional performance of daily activities and athleticism
  • Cardio-endurance gains during resistance training
  • Low impact and complete back support


  • We welcome all fitness levels!
  • Classes meet outside near the Kids Club area in the parking lot.
  • Each session meets once a week for the month.
  • Registration is limited to a minimum of three and maximum of six people.
  • Each month, registration is first come, first served
  • You can register for multiple classes each month.

Contact the coordinator for a demonstration or to try a class.

Note: Make-up classes are available, but must be scheduled in advance with the coordinator.