Arena Soccer League

Coed Recreational League

As the Y's official youth soccer technical partner, San Diego Loyal SC will provide direction and guidance to our volunteer coaches, sponsor co-branded team jerseys, and provide at least one player appearance on a Saturday game day (pending player availability). As the mental health partner for San Diego Loyal, Rady Children’s Hospital will provide resources to our players on self-confidence, positive relationships and resilience.

Our recreational soccer league plays with modified rules for each division. While practices are geared toward strengthening your child’s individual skills, game time emphasizes each player’s understanding of the sport, game rules and team competition. By the end of the season, your child will have gained a better understanding of the sport, its rules and the basic skills. Coaches will focus on developing a sense of teamwork in a setting that encourages fun, healthy, age-appropriate competition.


15 - 17


On or before 03/18/2023


More Information

Players should wear athletic shorts, closed-toe shoes (cleats preferred), shin guards (required) and a water bottle. Game jersey provided by the Y.

Team/coach requests: Our goal is to ensure balanced teams. Teammate requests are not guaranteed, and families are allowed one buddy request. We will do our best to accommodate sibling requests.


A skill assessment survey, will be distributed prior to league play and must be completed for each player.


We need volunteer coaches and team parents. No experience necessary! We have all of the resources to help you have a successful season.


Scholarships are available. Visit the Welcome Center or apply online today:

Athletes can expect a 15-minute warmup/practice followed a 40-minute game (two 20-minute halves) on Saturdays. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] for more information.