Basketball League

Coed Recreational League

Basketball is an exciting sport combining team play and individual skills. Leagues are designed to work on the fundamentals of the sport, teamwork, sportsmanship and fun! Our progressive programs, with age-specific divisions, are for players of all skill levels. While basic skills of the game are learned through practices and gameplay, every child develops the values necessary to be successful in life.


10 - 11


On or before 03/18/2023


More Information

Our recreational basketball leagues have modified rules for each division. Athletes can expect a 30-minute warm-up/practice followed by a game (four 8-minute quarters) on Saturdays. While practices are geared toward strengthening your child’s individual skills, game time emphasizes each player’s understanding of the sport, game rules and team competition. By the end of the season, your child will have gained a better understanding of the sport, its rules and the basic skills. Coaches will focus on developing a sense of teamwork in a setting that encourages fun, healthy, age-appropriate competition.

Skill assessments:

A skill assessment survey, may be distributed prior to league play and must be completed for each player.