Multisport - Peewee Lessons

Intro And Basic Instruction

Our peewee program teaches young athletes the skills and fundamentals needed to play a variety of sports. Children are introduced to the foundations of sports through a variety of high energy drills while focusing on socialization, teamwork and gross motor skills. Our Peewee sports curriculum is designed to grow with your child while teaching sport skills and gameplay. Players also learn sportsmanship values like respect and integrity in a fun, supportive environment.


3 - 5


On or before 12/21/2022


More Information

Our peewee multisport lessons provide a fun introduction to the fundamentals of various sports. Players will participate in a variety of high energy skills and drills developing new sports skills, while improving motor skills, hand-eye coordination and physical wellness. Students will learn the fundamentals of different sports such as soccer, basketball, track and field, ninja, and more! Throughout this program, there will be both individual and team-building drills.