Tennis - Intro Youth Lessons

Youth Tennis Lessons

The YMCA tennis program is committed to providing a full range of tennis experiences for juniors players of all levels, ranging from complete beginner to experienced advanced players. We offer tennis instruction on both an individual or group basis.


5 - 8


On or before 01/06/2020


After 01/06/2020

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Class location: Montgomery Middle School Tennis Courts, 1051 Picador Blvd, located behind the YMCA facility

Lessons are designed to develop racquet skills and basic tennis fundamentals, including groundstrokes, volleys and serves through a variety of activities.

Players should wear comfortable shoes and bring water. You may bring your own racket, or you may use one provided by the YMCA. Parents may bring a folding chair and an umbrella for shade.

If class is canceled due to weather or other circumstances, the coaches may schedule a make-up day, but we cannot guarantee that all missed sessions can be made up.

Contact Mike Valle, [email protected], (619) 428-9622 with specific questions.

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