Stay With Us!

A Message to Our Valued Members, Donors and Participants

We sincerely thank the thousands of members, donors, participants and members of the community who continue to support the Y during the COVID-19 crisis. As a community service organization and nonprofit, we count on our community just as much as they’ve counted on us for the past 138 years. Together, we can support those who need us the most.

Please take a moment to watch this very important video that highlights some of the ways the Y continues to serve our community.

The Y in the Community

While our physical branches are closed, the YMCA of San Diego County is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by providing critical support to the community.

YMCA Community Support Services is committed to keeping essential programs fully operational during this unprecedented time.

  • We are working with government and health care leaders to help ensure child care access is available, especially for our essential health care workers and first responders.
  • Our YMCA Childcare resource service team is providing enhanced child care referrals to all local families seeking care.
  • We continue to assist those most in need by providing housing and essential supplies to homeless youth and families.
  • We have adapted our mental health counseling services using electronic tools to serve our foster youth and families in need.
  • We are reaching out to our seniors with friendly check-ins and providing opportunities for social connections and healthy activities to the community via free webinars, chats and exercise classes.
  • We are hosting community blood drives at YMCAs across the County.

Community Resources and Updates

  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month: May: Since 1970, our Oz program has been caring for the emotional well-being of local families and teens. We’ve taken our flagship Oz San Diego Residential Treatment model online. Our program encourages growth and healing for the whole family through: guided family teletherapy sessions, individual therapy for each youth, and therapeutic group sessions and activities for teens. Learn more about virtual therapy for teens and families through YMCA Youth and Family Services.
  • April 28: View resources to support families and the community
  • April 27: Potential number of lives saved: 400+ — thanks to those who took part in blood drives at YMCAs in April. View the Red Cross website for upcoming blood drives around the county and at our YMCAs.
  • April 23: Essential workers and at-risk populations can now access financial assistance for child care services! We are proud of our YMCA Childcare Resource Service team and our partners that are working to support this urgent community need. To learn more or to apply, visit:
  • Strengthening Families: April is Child Abuse Prevention month, and we've developed a Protective Factors Guide of strategies and resources to help caregivers facing stress and adversity.

The Y in the News

Support from Our Members

We are overwhelmed by the generous support we have received. The kind words and stories you share are uplifting. Please, keep them coming! We want to hear from you.

"I am happy to consider our monthly dues for our family membership a donation to the Y. Our daughter was a single mom for many years and received support for child care from the Y. This was a godsend for her as it allowed her to work, and help support herself and her son. Without the Y’s help, she would not have been able to do it. Just wanted you to know we are grateful."

"I remember receiving notice about membership during the covid 19 shutdown. I lost the notice, but wanted make sure that you continue to take the automatic withdrawal. I would also like to increase the monthly rate to a $100 to help cover lost revenue. I know there are many people who are in a very difficult financial position and I am thankfully not one of them.It isn't much money, but I hope it can help."

"Your organization has been there for me when my son was in preschool and elementary school. When I could not afford child care, you provided me with funding. I am now in a position financially to help, and I will gladly give to you, for as long as you need it. You help so many in need, I hope you can continue that mission because we need you."

"YMCA has been a wonderful addition to our community. I will support you until I'm broke. Thank you for your services."

"I just wanted to say thank you for being great and sending me a reminder that draft is coming due and to give options at this time. I can't imagine too many health and wellness orgs are doing the same for their members. I will be letting the draft happen."

Check Out Our Virtual YMCA

For additional information and resources, including programming available to you during the temporary closures of our branches, please visit our Virtual YMCA.

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