The Jackie Robinson Family YMCA, in partnership with San Diego Gas & Electric is investing in San Diego's future!  As you may already have noticed, the ALL NEW Jackie Robinson Family YMCA is an energy efficient building - SDG&E’s Savings by Design team worked closely with this YMCA branch to incorporate energy efficiency features into the reconstruction of the facility to help save an estimated 334,000 KWh per year!   

For these efforts, the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA was awarded SDGE's 2018 Excellence in Energy Award. This year’s winners included organizations from every sector – commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural, and public. In many cases, SDG&E’s account executives worked side by side with these businesses to implement customized solutions to meet their unique operational needs, and identify state and federal incentives to help finance the improvements.

Follow this video link to see how your Y is making a difference in energy consumption and paving the way for future YMCA's and non-profits across the nation who have the desire to "go green"!