Through the Years at Raintree

We purchased Raintree Ranch in 1968. For many years, horses were a part of our Marston program, but the old stables on the road toward South Village were too small to support additional horses. We Bought the land with the idea of re-locating horses to Raintree. It’s our understanding that the two final purchase-bids on the property were the YMCA and Lance Alworth of the San Diego Chargers, who hoped to build a camp for city children there.

The Ranch is named for the sound of the wind rustling through the dry Live-Oak leaves during summer. The rubbing of leaves can almost sound like rain falling.

The Ranch House was built as a summer estate by the Westmoreland family. They were famous Hollywood Make-Up artists, dating all the way back to the early days of silent films. There’s a good chance that Charlie Chaplin’s make-up was done by a member of this very family.

Once the Y purchased the land, it immediately became used as a Teen Outpost center. Meals were cooked at the Ranch House, while the campers stayed outdoors in canvas shelters. Jeff Wohler, Greg Herreman and Terry Bucknum were some of the staff during those early summers.

Horses came to Raintree in 1973. Volunteers from the Y-Indian Guides program built a Tack Shed to support the program, which still stands today. The lower arena was graded to provide an instructional area that same year. In the 1980’s, John Marciano, Camp Director, constructed the Horse Barn and Bunkhouse.