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Whether your child is an aspiring professional athlete or trying out team sports and recreation for the first time, the Y has something for all. Youth sports and peewee lessons are perfect for children ages 3-17. From our welcoming youth sports programs to shredding the ramps at our renowned skate parks, or playing the exciting game of T-ball – there is something for every young athlete to enjoy.

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Whether you're a soccer fanatic, a first-time player, or a kid who's looking to learn, the YMCA has the soccer program you're looking for! Our branches offer practices, clinics, and recreational leagues for kids to learn teamwork and basic skills in an environment where every child gets a chance to play. Our programs work on technique with drills and excellent coaching. Competitive leagues are available for advanced youngsters.

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At the YMCA, our baseball programs are designed to develop fundamental skills while teaching teamwork, strategy and sportsmanship. Skills taught include catching, throwing, fielding, hitting and the rules of the game. The focus of these clinics is to have fun, meet new friends and play baseball in a non-competitive environment. Learn more about America's favorite pastime on our baseball page

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Did you know the YMCA was the motivation behind the invention of basketball? Basketball was created at the YMCA in 1891 by James Naismith as a way to encourage teamwork and exercise and is enjoyed to this day by young athletes and professionals, alike. More than just a great way to stay in shape, basketball fosters youth development and social responsibility by emphasizing teamwork, communication and good sportsmanship. Through basketball leagues and clinics at the YMCA of San Diego County, youth will learn the basic fundamentals of basketball in a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere. Our staff and coaches strive to make this a fun learning experience for all involved! Learn more about the sport created at the YMCA on our basketball page

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Get on the field and join our 5-on-5, no contact flag football clinic! Ideal for beginner to advanced skill levels, teams of young athletes are coached and supported by volunteers and YMCA staff, emphasizing safe play, equal participation and sportsmanship. We work hard to make it a fun and exciting learning experience for all participants!

  • Clinics: Monthly beginner clinics last for one hour and are currently offered at the following YMCA locations:
    • In June, July and August:
      • Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA - Season: July 8 - August 12 | Register today!
        • Ages 8-9 | Saturdays, 11:30am
        • Ages 10-12 | Saturdays, 11:45am
        • NEW in July! Girls Ages 8-12 | Saturdays
          • Ages 8-9 | Saturdays at 11:30am
          • Ages 10-12 | Saturdays at 12:45pm

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The San Diego Seals professional lacrosse team are proud to partner with the YMCA of San Diego County to significantly enhance access to the sport of lacrosse in San Diego communities. High quality weekly lacrosse clinics introduce lacrosse to kids across the county to generate greater interest in the sport.

  • Clinics: Monthly beginner clinics last for one hour and are currently offered at the following YMCA locations:
    • Copley-Price Family YMCA - Ages 8-14 | Thursdays at 6:15pm. Register today
    • Jackie Robinson Family YMCA - Ages 7-17 | Wednesdays at 5:30pm. Register today!
    • Toby Wells Family YMCA - Ages 8-12 | Wednesdays at 5:00pm. Register today!

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Bump, spike and volley at the YMCA! Our volleyball program offers clinics and leagues for athletes to learn volleyball and improve their skills. Clinics introduce the fundamentals while emphasizing learning and teamwork over winning or losing. Advanced players can play more competitive games with peers of similar skill. Clinics are a great way to improve and get ready for high school while making friends with teammates.

  • Clinics: Monthly beginner clinics last for one hour and are currently offered at the following YMCA locations:
    • Copley-Price Family YMCA - Mondays and Thursdays 5:15pm. Register today
    • Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA - Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:45pm. Register today!
    • Mission Valley YMCA - Thursdays at 5:00pm. Register today
    • Palomar Family YMCA - Saturdays at 10:00am. Register today!
    • Border View Family YMCA - Saturdays at 10:00am and 11:00am. Register today!

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Young athletes will learn the fundamentals in a supportive environment that emphasizes skill development, teamwork and physical fitness. Our coaches will teach the necessary skills required to begin playing competitive high school water polo, including passing, dribbling, shooting, treading water, head-up swimming, basic rules and conditioning.

  • Clinics: Monthly water polo clinics last for one hour and currrently take place at the following locations:
    • Ryan Family YMCA - Skills and Drills clinic - Saturdays at 1:00pm (under Swim -lessons - clinics). Register today
    • Mission Valley YMCA - Splash Ball clinic - Fridays at 4:30pm. Register today!

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Our multisport programs promote fitness by introducing a wide variety of sports, games and enrichment activities while emphasizing character values and sportsmanship. Players at this level can refine their mature motor skills hand-eye coordination and balance.

  • Lessons: Monthly multisport lessons take place at the following YMCA locations: 

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Our peewee soccer programs promote fitness in our youngest athletes by teaching hand-eye coordination, motor skills and teamwork through the sport of soccer. Peewees are introduced to the sport through drills, games and enrichment activities that emphasize character, positive values and sportsmanship. Learn more about this fun, engaging sport on the soccer page.

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Batter up! At the YMCA, everyone gets a chance to learn and play! This program will introduce T-ball to young children, allowing them to learn the basic skills of baseball in a positive and fun atmosphere with experienced and encouraging coaches. Most importantly, kids will be learning sportsmanship and teamwork while making friends as they have a blast playing baseball!

Learn more about T-ball on our baseball page.

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Are you a track and field fanatic? Do you have an aspiring track star at home that bounces off the walls on a daily basis? Then sprint, hurdle, run or jog into our track and field programs! Our youth sessions help kids learn different track and field events while learning the value of teamwork, sportsmanship, determination and hard work.

  • Lessons: Monthly track and field lessons take place at the following YMCA locations: 

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We need parent volunteers to coach our young athletes! You won't have to do it alone - our Y sports departments are ready to provide you with the training, advice, and guidance necessary for a successful season. Check with your branch's sports department for more information and learn how you can make a difference.



Shred the gnar! Our YMCA skate parks have everything a skater could ask for to have fun - ramps, plazas, concrete pools, rails and more! Just ask Shaun White and Tony Hawk, two of the most famous local pro-skaters who visit our skate parks. We offer group and private lessons for anyone looking to learn, contests for professional-level skaters, and plenty of options for skaters to improve their skills and tricks under the supervision of our trained staff at both locations. Our skate parks are located in Encinitas at the Magdalena Family YMCA or in Clairemont at the Mission Valley YMCA Krause Family Skate Park. 

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Kick it with us! The Y is proud to offer high-quality martial art programs to both members and nonmembers at Ys across the county. Our instructors are among the best in their respective martial art, and provide an encouraging, non-intimidating, family-friendly environment for students of all ages. Here young artists can strengthen their bodies and minds as they learn the value of hard work, discipline, honor, integrity and respect.

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Dancing is a creative experience that’s fun for all ages! Our goal is to provide a safe, fun and encouraging environment for dancers to build confidence and make new friends. Classes are offered at beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels for parent/child, preschool, teen or school age dancers. 

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Esports are video game competitions for individuals and teams for children ages 8 - 12 and ages 12 - 17. YMCA esports encourages and promotes healthy kids, families and communities by placing a priority on involvement and healthy competition, rather than rivalry, as well as the value of participation over winning, team building and the individual development of a positive self-image and mutual respect for others.

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Looking for more sports related options? Check with the sports department at your local Y to see what unique, active programming is available near you! Or view all sports options online!

Please note: When enrolling online, use the location filter in the top left corner of the Community Portal to find sports options at your local Y.