Frequently Asked Questions About Camp Marston


When does registration for Summer Camp begin? Registration is now open for Summer 2024! You can register online by logging in to your "My Y Account" or by calling our Call Center at (760) 765-0642. Tell them you would like to sign up for summer overnight camp! A non-refundable deposit of $150 per week is required to hold your spot this summer.
Can we visit camp prior to signing up? Yes. For safety reasons, however, we are very conscientious of who is visiting. We operate year round programs and very often have campers on site. As such, we ask that you call to set up an appointment for a guided tour.
How many adults are there to how many children? We follow American Camp Association guidelines in maintaining a 2-10 ratio of staff to campers on camp at all times. In addition to this we make sure there is no time when campers are left unsupervised.
Health Center at Camp

Camp Marston has a Health Center with staff trained in emergency first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques. In an emergency,  911-ambulance service is readily available. Our nearest hospital is Pomerado, in Poway.  Unfortunately in these pandemic times we must send campers with flu-like symptoms home. Campers may return to program after a negative PCR Viral Covid test and 24 hours symptom free.  

We are proactive in calling parents about any health related issue.  If a camper is out of program for more than a few hours or sustains any injury more severe than a  scratch or bruise, we will contact you.  

Please be sure to provide us with complete emergency contact information, especially if you are traveling on vacation. In case of accident or more severe illness, it is our practice to contact parents immediately. However, if you cannot be reached, we have your written authorization for emergency medical care on the Health History form.

What happens if my child gets sick at camp?  

Unfortunately in these pandemic times we must send campers with flu-like symptoms home.  Campers may return to program after a negative PCR Viral Covid test and 24 hours symptom free.  We are proactive in calling parents about any health related issue.  If a camper is out of program for more than a few hours or sustains any injury more severe than a  scratch or bruise, we will contact you. 

If I have two children attending camp, will they see each other, or participate in activities together? The answer to this question is “it depends”. We group our campers into three Villages and assign our cabin groups within those villages according to age- and cabin-mate requests. If your children are close in age they may spend time in the same village or even the same cabin. If they are more than a year apart, they may not be in the same village but will see each other throughout the day at meals and other camp activities. We find that most of our campers do quite well away from their siblings and enjoy a little independence in a safe caring environment.
My child doesn’t know much English, do the counselors speak Spanish? Although we have some bilingual staff, they are scheduled in program areas by skills and may not necessarily be working with your child. As long as your child understands some basic English, we can utilize our staff and also other Spanish speaking campers to help translate. We do our best to make sure everyone understands what is expected and what the cabin group is doing.
Can children bring a cell phone to camp? No, we do not permit cell phones at camp. YMCA Camp is a safe place to let your children have a bit of freedom and independence. We want them to make new friends and face challenges, not to spend precious camp time calling or texting their friends back home. Parents can choose to e-mail messages for their campers via an optional online service. Experience has shown that a call to Mom and Dad can often make an adjustment problem worse, not better. Lastly, the technology of cameras on cell phones also creates the potential problem of taking pictures in sensitive areas. Camper bathrooms and changing areas are not appropriate places for cameras. If your child needs to have cell phone with them because of travel or other reasons, simply have them submit it to camp staff upon arrival. We will return it to them when they leave.
What about bullies and teasing? Whenever you have groups of children together, teasing and bullying can occur. We do everything we can to prevent this from happening. Our staff are trained in how to spot this behavior and put a stop to it. We have no tolerance for this type of behavior and a camper could be sent home for bullying or intimidating actions.
What happens if my child starts missing home? Missing home can be a challenge for some campers. We have several steps to work with it. In most cases we will simply encourage the camper to stay busy and think positively. Most times this works quite well. The camper starts to enjoy them self and make new friends. In some cases it may take a bit more help. At those times our practice is to call parents and talk to them about what steps we’re taking and what might work best with their camper. We want to make overcoming missing home a success story for your child and may ask your help in doing so.
Who do I inform about my child ‘s food allergies? First, make sure you have listed all health concerns on our Health History form. Then, at Check-In, you can personally discuss your campers specific health issues with camp health care personnel. They will ensure the information is communicated to the other departments at camp, including your child’s counselor.
Camp Store Camp Store will be open for Summer 2024 on check-in and check-out. We will not be providing snacks or beverages for purchase from the store but it is a great place to pick up some Marston swag. All snacks will be provided by the kitchen on a daily basis. Please come prepared with a credit card as cash and checks will not be accepted.
What happens if my child does not like the food? We think our camp food is some of the best around. We encourage each camper to try what is being served but we don’t force them to eat. If campers don’t like what is being served, we provide options. At each meal there is a well-stocked salad bar and fresh fruit. At breakfast, a buffet with hot and cold cereal is available along with the hot entrée. Our staff is trained to watch what campers are eating. If a child is not eating a healthy amount, they will report the matter to the health care staff.
What is a “holdover” and what do they do? For campers staying multiple weeks, there will be a holdover option at no extra charge.  After a busy camp week, the schedule over weekends is more relaxed and camper-choice driven, often including an afternoon at the pool Saturday, naps and a chance to do one load of laundry.  Some families visit their child at camp on holdover Saturday.  When  Sunday arrives, your veteran campers welcome a new group for the week. 
What is the refund policy? A $150 non-refundable deposit per week is required to reserve camp session. All balance due payments for 2024 Summer Camp are due on 6/3/2024. Non-refundable fee is transferable to a new registration if space is available based on general Association policy. In cases of Homesickness or dismissal from Camp- No refund will be issued.


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