Training Tomorrow’s Camp Leaders on Horseback

Stage One: Camper in Training (CIT)

Campers are only allowed one CIT session per summer. If a camper is staying for multiple weeks, CIT session must be their last week. This session lasts for one week.
  • Open to campers entering tenth or eleventh grade.
  • This program is for campers looking to begin the leadership process to eventually become volunteer, staff, or learning to work with children.
  • Campers will participate in riding and camp activities but also practice leadership skills with younger campers.
  • There is only one CIT session per summer. If a camper is staying for multiple weeks, CIT session must be his or her last week.

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Stage Two: Leader in Training (LIT)

  • This session lasts for two weeks.
  • Open to campers entering the eleventh or twelfth grade.
  • LIT’s do NOT ride daily, if at all. Riding in this program is extremely limited, and based on staffing, horses availability and performance of LIT’s within their program.
  • LITs get two weeks for the price of one! We offer a reduced rate for this program since LIT’s assist campers and staff with our horses.
  • The focus of this program is to develop leadership skills, become quality role models, make connections and start developing a camp counselor mindset.
  • LIT’s will be spending their time in leadership workshops and assisting staff with younger campers to develop their own personal leadership style. Additionally, they will be helping younger campers at the barn with their horsemanship skills.
  • If a camper is attending for multiple weeks, the LIT session must be his or her last session at camp.

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Stage Three: Camp Assistant (CA)

  • This session lasts for three weeks.
  • Only open to campers entering the 12th grade.
  • This session is considered as a three-week volunteer commitment to YMCA Raintree Ranch, free of charge. Thus campers accrue Volunteer Service Hours with this program, with a verification letter provided by the YMCA.
  • Campers must fill out an application and be selected by the Camp Director. LIT program or equivalent is a prerequisite.
  • Although still technically a camper, CAs will gain the skills necessary to co-lead a cabin alongside a senior staff member, help plan activities for young campers, and work with our horse wranglers.

CA Application

TO APPLY - Please complete and return the Application Form. Please note - There are a VERY limited number of openings for the CA program each summer and acceptance into the program is not guaranteed. 

For more information please contact Sharnaye Neale at [email protected].