Our Horsemanship Achievement Program Helps Train New and Experienced Riders

No matter what skill level your young equestrian is at, the Bolo Program will help them improve! This horsemanship achievement program helps guide our campers through a natural skill progression, learning the key lessons they need to succeed at more advanced levels of horseback riding.

Our campers have the opportunity to earn one bolo each week, with first-time campers starting at the Filly level and then moving up one bolo for each week they attend Raintree Ranch. If our campers are more advanced than their bolo level, it will not affect their riding time, as we separate campers into riding groups appropriate to their skill.

Filly – Level 1

  • Demonstrate proper approach, lead, mount, dismount.
  • Identify 5 parts of horse.
  • Identify 5 grooming tools and their use.
  • Give 3 horse safety rules.
  • Identify 3 parts of bridle and 3 parts of a saddle.
  • Ride a walk in proper equitation.

Colt – Level 2

  • Identify 10 parts of a horse.
  • Identify 5 horse colors and describe or provide example.
  • Identify 6 parts of a bridle.
  • Describe 6 horse safety rules.
  • Demonstrate safe behavior around horses.
  • Assist with cleaning manure.
  • Ride a walk while standing in stirrups.

Stallion – Level 3

  • Identify 15 parts of a horse.
  • Identify 10 parts of the saddle.
  • Identify 5 common face markings.
  • Describe 3 horses and their common uses.
  • Demonstrate thorough grooming of a horse.
  • Demonstrate proper tying of quick-release knot.
  • Assist with morning chores (min. 1x).
  • Ride a sitting trot in proper equitation.

Ranch Hand – Level 4

  • Identify 25 parts of a horse.
  • Describe the parts of the horse hoof.
  • Describe the differences between feed and forage.
  • Describe proper use of riding aids: 4 natural, 2 artificial.
  • Demonstrate proper saddling of a horse.
  • Demonstrate thorough cleaning of horse's hooves.
  • Assist with morning chores (min 2x).
  • Ride a posting trot in proper equitation.

Junior Wrangler – Level 5

  • Identify 30 parts of a horse.
  • Identify 5 common leg markings.
  • Identify 3 common western riding bits and their appropriate usage.
  • Describe 5 common horse diseases, including prevention and treatment.
  • Demonstrate thorough cleaning and conditioning of a saddle.
  • Assist another camper with saddling.
  • Assist with morning chores (min 3x).
  • Ride a 7x7x7 (sitting, posting, and standing trot for 7 beats each).

Wrangler – Level 6

  • Describe effective strategies for internal parasite management.
  • Describe at least 3 components of good hoof care.
  • Describe how to safely lunge a horse in a round pen.
  • Demonstrate how to bridle a horse and adjust for correct fit.
  • Demonstrate how to take a horse's pulse and respiration rate.
  • Assist with teaching trail etiquette.
  • Assist with morning chores (min 4x).
  • Compose an essay that details 5 equine industry careers that you find attractive/interesting.
  • Ride a posting trot on the correct diagonal and begin a canter/lope.

Raintree Rancher – Level 7

  • Describe the normal ranges of 6 equine vital signs.
  • Discuss the proper reactions to 3 different trail hazards.
  • Demostrate disassembly of a bridle and proper reassembly.
  • Demonstrate the steps of a thorough lameness evalutation.
  • Assist with feedings (1x day with a min. 2 mornings).
  • Assist with the horse show.
  • Assist with morning chores (min. 4x).
  • Compose an essay on the meaning of horsemanship and include thoughts on the Y's four core values.
  • Ride a controlled canter/lope.

Trail Master – Level 8

  • Most campers complete this bolo over 2 weeks instead of 1.
  • Minimum age 13.
  • Assist in the instruction of one trail ride.
  • Assist with feeding twice daily.
  • Assist with morning and evening chores daily.
  • Describe the process of equine digestion using proper anatomical vocabulary.
  • Demonstrate how to safely administer equine oral medication/de-wormer.
  • Demonstrate how to apply a hoof pack and bandage.
  • Demonstrate how to ground drive a horse through/over an obstacle.
  • Compose an essay detailing your bolo experience.
  • Ride balanced transitions between walk, trot, canter/lope.