Community Support Services

A lot has changed at the Y over this past year, but our commitment has remained the same—to always be here for our community when people need us most, with open arms and caring hearts. When the devastating effects of COVID-19 swept across the country and landed on our doorsteps, we quickly mobilized to provide our community with essential services. Thanks to the unwavering support of our members, volunteers and donors, our YMCA has been able to continue offering people a critical lifeline as we work to help our community recover and thrive.

The pandemic crisis shines a light on what we have always known – our community is only as strong as its most vulnerable members. Your support is the driving force of hope during this time.





    About YMCA Community Support Services

    San Diego’s YMCA strengthens communities for kids, adults, seniors, and families with programs that protect, teach, connect, heal, nourish, and encourage.

    At Community Support Services, the social service arm of the YMCA, we believe in breaking cycles of poverty and work to empower the resilience of those wanting to maximize their fullest potential. What we offer and how we offer it, represents our community’s voice, diversity, experience and needs. At our very core, is the understanding that by providing supports that decrease the impact of stress and increases resilience, we can help our community thrive.

    Services and Impact

    CSS services are found throughout each corner of our county to support success and wellness across the lifespan.

    Quality Early Learning: We strengthen communities by fighting for access to quality child care so children enter school ready to learn and thrive and parents can continue to earn wages that keep families strong.

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    Family Stability and Connections for Youth: We work with families and individuals to break cycles of conflict and instability and prevent disconnection in the form of youth homelessness, family conflict, and placement instability for foster youth.

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    Economic Stability and Mobility: We connect youth with meaningful career prospects and ensure all families have the opportunity to remain in the workforce and build career mobility, regardless of socio-economic status or barriers to employment.

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    Investing in our youth


    Join us in our movement to bring hope and opportunity to those looking to create a better tomorrow for themselves and their families. We are actively looking to partner with companies large or small. Our goal is to access financial support to further our mission. In return we hope to be your source for motivating and engaging your employees and customers. Interested in partnering?

    Other ways you can support:

    At Community Support Services, we also accept IRA rollover contributions and stock transfers. For more information on how to give a stock gift, please contact [email protected]

    Here's what we've been up to!

    Take a closer look into what we're doing. 

    ROOTED IN COMMUNITY: November campaign to raise awareness of the Y's role in supporting young people experiencing homelessness. 


    STAY TUNED: Mental Health Awareness Month: Mental and behavioral health challenges do not discriminate across socioeconomic or ethnic boundaries. The Y has been a leader in mental health services for more than 40 years. Join us in May and learn more about the mental and behavior support services we provide.