YMCA Permanent Connections Program helps families establish a lifetime network of support for children and youth who are disconnected from their loved ones or at risk of disconnection through placement outside of their home and community.

Who We Serve:

  • Youth referred by Child Welfare Services or Probation Department
  • Children ages 0-17 who are entering foster care or have been in foster care for 12 or more months and do not have permanent family connections
  • Probation youth who are at risk of removal from the home and do not have permanent family connections

Our Goals:

  • Support foster youth in developing meaningful connections with adults who will support them across their lifespan
  • Ensure safe and stable living arrangements for youth
  • Ensure a timely and permanent exit from the formal service system through the development of a comprehensive network of supportive adults
  • Support youth in developing a healthy sense of identity and maintaining connections to important aspects of their culture and community
  • Enable young adults emerging from care to live safely and productively within their communities
  • Increase connectedness, decrease dependence on the formal service system, and enhance family-driven decision making
  • Prevent recidivism between formal service systems, including prevention of youth “graduation” into the adult correctional system

Specific Services:

  • Family Finding
  • Youth and family engagement
  • Peer advocacy
  • Grief and loss support
  • Family-driven meetings
  • Family bonding activities


For more information about YMCA Permanent Connections, contact:

Larry Banks
Specialized Permanency Project Director
[email protected]