Fitness Plans, Orientations and Assessments

The Y offers a variety of fitness orientations that are free to our members and provide a personalized wellness plan for you or your family. These plans will help you learn to use exercise equipment, create a plan and develop goals that fit your personal path to health. 

FamilyFIT Orientation

Our FamilyFit  fitness orientation helps families achieve their health goals at the Y. You and your family will learn proper exercise techniques, correct and safe usage of equipment and guidelines for the fitness center and group exercise classes. Children ages 10 and older will learn proper techniques for the appropriate equipment, and receive guidance on setting up a safe routine that fosters life-long healthy habits. For more information, please visit the Welcome Center. 

KickStart Is Not Currently Offered Due To COVID-19

KickStart is a personalized wellness program designed to help you set and achieve your short-term fitness goals, and then transform them into positive long-term lifestyle changes — and it's free to all members of the YMCA.

  • Three one-on-one sessions over thirty days with an experienced Wellness Coach.
  • Establish attainable goals based on your priorities, designed to help ensure long-term success.
  • Learn new exercises in every session to get the most out of your workouts and achieve your goals.
  • Create an easy-to-follow holistic wellness plan that helps keep you energized and on track.
  • Encounter any difficulties or have any questions? Your personal Wellness Coach is there to help.
  • Identify group exercise classes that best meet your needs and interests to help keep you engaged.
  • At the final session, establish a three to six month plan with new goals, nutrition guidelines, and exercises.

What's truly special about our KickStart program are our Wellness Coaches. These knowledgeable professionals are not only experienced and well-trained, but exemplify our mission wholeheartedly — helping our members realize their fullest potential through encouragement, support, and respect.

Throughout KickStart, your coach will be a friend that's rooting for you to succeed and helping establish the path that's best for you — not a salesman with an agenda.

Appointment One – Begin Your Wellness Journey

To help you achieve your wellness goals and get the most out of your Y member benefits, we want to get to know you. At this session, we’ll assist you in designing a wellness program.


  • Get to know your dedicated Wellness Coach, who is here to serve you!
  • Understand your goals and expectations so we can develop an action plan that ensures your success.
  • Address any questions or obstacles while getting familiar with our fitness areas and facility offerings.

Appointment Two – Check Your Progress

You’ve begun exercising, and you’re starting to get comfortable. After spending some time on your own, it’s natural to have some questions. Once you complete this session, you’ll earn a KickStart towel!


  • Review progress toward your goals.
  • Answer any questions you may have about exercises, equipment or our facilities.
  • Learn some tips to help overcome any barriers you may be experiencing in your fitness program.
  • Introduce new exercises or group classes to your program.

Appointment Three – Kick It up a Notch!

You’ve gained important fitness knowledge and begun to implement a solid wellness strategy. This critical last meeting will help you recognize and overcome the most common obstacles to healthy living. Once you complete this session, you’ll be entered to win a grand prize!


  • Readdress any exercise barriers you are experiencing.
  • Learn fundamental nutrition guidelines based on USDA recommendations.
  • Establish longer-term goals to achieve in the following three to six months.

Setup Your KickStart Appointment Today

To schedule your KickStart appointment, contact your local YMCA branch!