Fitness Plans, Orientations and Assessments

The Y offers a variety of fitness orientations that are free to our members and provide a personalized wellness plan for you or your family. These plans will help you learn to use exercise equipment, create a plan and develop goals that fit your personal path to health. 

Health & Wellness Orientation

We want all of our members to get the most out of their experiences at the Y! A complimentary 30-minute health and wellness orientation is available to new and existing members to help you start on the path to success and reach your wellness goals. Our trained staff will take you on a guided tour of the fitness center, show you how to operate equipment and explain what you need to know to help you feel comfortable.

  • Fitness center tour: Get to know the layout and equipment at your Y.
  • Activity recommendations: Review equipment safety, setup and proper form. Get guidance on intensity and frequency, based on your current fitness level in the following areas:
    • Cardiovascular activity
    • Strength training
    • Group fitness

For more information or to schedule a health and wellness orientation, visit the Welcome Center at your branch.

FamilyFIT Orientation

All youth ages 7-12 must complete a FamilyFIT Orientation before using our fitness centers. This orientation helps families achieve their health goals at the Y by learning proper exercise techniques, correct and safe usage of equipment and guidelines for the fitness center and group exercise classes.

Children will learn proper techniques for the appropriate equipment and receive guidance on setting up a safe routine that fosters life-long healthy habits. Children ages 7-12 must wear a wristband provided by Welcome Center staff while exercising. For more information or to schedule a FamilyFIT Orientation, visit the Welcome Center at your branch.