A Shared Impact

Imagine a family able to access services when, where, and how they want them before the crisis.

The services are strengths-based, family-centered, trauma-informed, and culturally responsive.

Families and caregivers of children 0-5 get the support and resources they deserve and want, decreasing parental stress and the likelihood of maltreatment and increasing protective factors, healthy child development, connectedness, and child and family well-being.

Through a streamlined assessment and referral process, training and technical assistance, and a focus on early childhood mental health consultation, we are poised to make this a reality in San Diego County.

Learn more about the Strengthening Families approach here.


Assessment & Referral

Work with cross-sector partner agencies to streamline a common assessment tool by developing shared language and processes based on the family's strengths and self-identified needs. Incorporate into 2-1-1 San Diego's Community Information Exchange (CIE). Enhance referral pathways across agencies to support families in accessing their services when they want them by supporting partners to adopt Community Information Exchange (CIE) within their organizations and/or support bridging and strengthening connections/relationships across partner organizations. 

For more information or to attend this meeting, please email [email protected].


Training & Technical Assistance

Provide trainings to partner organizations grounded in research on Protective Factors, Culturally Responsive Practices, Trauma-Informed Care, ACE's, Resilience and Hope, Strengthening Families Framework, and more. Support partner organizations in fully adopting best practices/training and incorporating the Community Information Exchange (CIE) into their daily operations.

Training request form coming soon.


Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation is an evidence-based intervention intended to support adults with building capacity to respond to individual child needs. Services can include engagement with families, caregivers, and early care and education providers. This intervention strengthens protective factors through education, skill and resilience building, and connection to resources. 



The skills, strategies, and support are aligned with the Center for Social Emotional Foundations of Early Learning (CSEFEL) from the University of Vanderbilt, and the Strengthening Families framework.  We consistently strive to ensure that our work is responsive to the individual needs of each child, family, and childcare provider by focusing on fostering a collaborative relationship in identifying needs and potential solutions. 

Through education, support, and social-emotional modeling, we can not only better understand our children but support them in their growth and development. 

Learn more about early childhood mental health consultation here.


Community Mapping

Work together with partner organizations to develop a collaborative mapping tool that will be used to track a comprehensive continuum of 0-5 family strengthening and support services. Identifying service options, eligibility criteria, and ways to access services will support in eliminating some of the barriers families face when attempting to connect with services. We will partner with our Partner Network to understand what the continuum of services looks like in San Diego and support in informing opportunities to strengthen connections between our partners. 


Lived Experience

It is imperative that we integrate youth, family, and community voice and shared decision making into the Partners in Prevention Initiative's development, design, implementation, and evaluation infrastructure. We will work with those with Lived Experience and offer participation in supporting and informing program development through authentic community engagement. To progress forward within our community, we believe in partnering with the youth, families, and communities to truly understand their experience through various engagement opportunities, including listening sessions, surveys, and community sense-making sessions. We will work with our community to ensure time spent sharing experiences is honored and valued.