Camp Alumni

Reconnect with friends and help make amazing memories for a new generation. Camp Marston 100th Anniversary

Welcome to Raintree Ranch

Tucked away in the forest outside of Julian, Raintree Ranch is the quiet, comfortable, and laid-back sister to YMCA Camp Marston. With our cozy facilities situated only a ten minute walk from Marston, campers can get to know each other (and their horses) in a calming environment while still having access to all of Marston’s amenities. It’s the best of both worlds, especially for our young equestrians.

Our Facilities

Our quaint ranch-style housing and western themed facilities are the perfect backdrop for an amazing summer experience for your camper. When the horses arrive in May, Raintree blossoms into the greatest horse camp ever!

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Meet Our Staff

We know one spectacular visit can change a camper’s life. That’s why we invest so much in hiring and retaining the best team possible! Our highly trained and professional staff are passionate about providing an exciting, fun, and welcoming experience for our campers, and are lead by our experienced on-site directors who are known throughout the resident camping industry for the excellent quality of their work.

Meet the Camp Raintree Ranch Staff