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Provider Update

Every month, all family child care home and center providers in San Diego County are asked to update their child care program data. Help us provide accurate and quality referrals to parents seeking child care by updating your information.

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Start Your Own Home Child Care

Opening your home to children who need the nurturing environment and support of a trained child care professional is one of the most selfless acts you can do. The California Child Care Initiative Project (CCIP) is a free training and support program for individuals who are:

  • Starting their first family child care home
  • Adding infants and toddlers to their existing child care program
  • Willing to improve the quality of their program
  • Increasing their FCC license capacity, or
  • Expanding to offer non-traditional hours of care.


How to Become a Licensed Home Child Care Provider

To become a licensed child care provider, you must complete the following:

  • Attend a Community Care Licensing (CCL) orientation.
  • Attend basic health and safety training.
  • Obtain a criminal background check clearance.
  • Submit a licensing application to CCL.
  • Pass a CCL home inspection.

Participants who complete program requirements may be eligible to receive an incentive package that includes educational toys and child care and development publications. Incentives are dependent upon availability of funding. Start a child care business in your home. Call 1-800-481-2151 or e-mail [email protected] to learn more!


Behavior Support Services for Child Care Providers

Research shows that supporting social-emotional development in early learning environments can help strengthen a foundation for lifelong success.

For early childhood educators, we offer training and resources that support social-emotional development and effectively manage and reduce challenging behaviors.

Positive outcomes you can expect:

  • Increased knowledge of social-emotional development and behavior management
  • Skills and abilities to implement behavior management techniques
  • Improved relationships and interactions with children and families
  • Decreased stress


Behavior Consultation for Families

Our team of behavior consultants can also provide one-on-one Behavior Support Services for individual children and their families.



Respite Care Provider

Our Respite programs provide families with short-term relief from the continual care of their child with developmental disabilities that are authorized by the San Diego Regional Center. Families can utilize either In-Home respite care or Out-of-Home care depending upon the needs of the family. The respite provider can be chosen by the family member to provide respite or can be a licensed facility. 

We hire experienced and knowledgeable staff to provide respite care for individuals with developmental disabilities ages 3-40+ that can help provide support to families. The respite care provider must be an adult who does not live in the same household or provide ongoing care for the client. 

The Respite Unit also contracts licensed child care facilities to include respite children in their child care programs.

In-Home Respite Staff

In-Home Respite Providers are responsible for providing occasional, part-time, one-on-one respite care for individuals with developmental disabilities who are authorized by the San Diego Regional Center, in the family home and/or out in the San Diego County Community. 

· Must have 6 Months of experience or 6 units in the child care field, special needs field, health field or any related field
· Must be a minimum of 18 year of age
· Must have the ability to effectively use the English language including, speaking, reading and writing.
· Must have the ability to lift individuals up to fifty (50) pounds.
· Must have access to reliable transportation.
· Must have means of a smart phone with app based technology.
· Ability to use technology (phone and internet) to accurately submit time and mileage on a bi-weekly basis. 
· Must have the ability to work a flexible schedule that may require evenings and weekends.
· Must have access to a Computer to complete any required training and receive Communications.
· Current Pediatric & Adult CPR, First Aid and AED certification required and must be from one of the following certifying organization: American Red Cross, or American Safety & Health Institute. Online certifications are not accepted. 
· Licensing, state law and our funders require that applicants of critical positions within Community Support Services be fingerprinted, prior to reporting to work, and include subsequent arrest notifications.  
· Ability to comply with local and/or federal regulations regarding COVID-19 vaccination

Out-Of-Home Respite Providers:

 Out-of-Home Respite Provider is responsible for providing occasional, part-time, respite care for individuals with developmental disabilities in a licensed child care center or licensed child care family home.
For more information about becoming a YMCA Respite Care Provider, please contact our Respite Unit Staff at [email protected]


The Respite Unit is proud to have a Mobile App that allows providers to clock in/out, schedule appointments, view the clients allotted and remaining hours, and view their time card. This App allows families to keep track of their remaining hours.   

For Provider inquires email: [email protected].



Navy Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Respite Care Provider

Help navy families provide the love, care and support to their children with special needs. The navy EFMP Care program gives navy parents or guardians a short-term break from the continued care a child with disabilities or special needs may require. Military families can utilize either In-Home respite care or Out-of-Home care depending upon the needs of the family.

In-Home Respite Care Providers

  • Care for Military children who are eligible for respite with NACCRRA
  • Work flexible schedules, evenings and weekends available
  • Starting hourly rate is $22. Eligible providers can earn up to $45 an hour.
  • If interested in becoming a Navy Respite Provider please email [email protected]

Out-of-Home Respite Care Provider

  • Provide a warm, nurturing, and safe environment for children with disabilities
  • Must be state licensed
  • Provide care on a part-time or drop-in basis
  • Evening and weekend work available
  • Have training opportunities on topics relating to special needs
  • Enhance their child-care program
  • Out-of-Home providers must pass Pre-Assessment

EFMP Respite Provider Qualifications

  • Experience working with children, or experience in the Special Needs field or other Health fields
  • Possess or willing to obtain current Pediatric CPR and Pediatric First Aid
  • Must clear a background screening
  • Reliable transportation and direct access by telephone and e-mail
  • Willing to complete Child Abuse Awareness Training prior to providing care


For more information about becoming a Military Respite Care Provider, please contact our Military Respite Care Staff at [email protected] or [email protected].