Behavioral Support for Parents of Children 0-5

YMCA Behavior Support Services offers behavioral consultations, observations, group workshops, and individualized plans for parents and primary caregivers with children ages 0-5. All tools and recommendations provided are research backed and drawn from evidence-based practices in the field of behavior and social-emotional development. Our approach towards behavioral intervention and support takes its bearings from the Center for Social Emotional Foundations of Early Learning (CSEFEL) from the University of Vanderbilt, and the tenants of “Positive Discipline” by Dr. Jane Nelson.  In addition, we consistently strive to ensure that our work is informed by the principles and practices of the following lenses: Trauma-Informed, Family Strengthening Standards, Early Childhood Development, Family Protective Factors, Temperament, Co-regulation, Attunement, Attachment Theory, and Social-Emotional Learning.

We believe that when children exhibit challenging or stressful behaviors, however frustrating to adults, they are simply a way of communicating their needs. Through education and social-emotional modeling, we can not only better understand our children, but support them in their growth and development. Over 90% of the brain develops before the age of 5 years old, thus early intervention and support are critical.  Helping children learn how to manage “big” emotions, regulate themselves, follow directions and positively interact with others are critical skills for school readiness and social functioning.  Research has shown that investments made in the early years, can have some of the longest lasting positive impacts. The YMCA is proud to offer behavior supports during this critical period of life for children and parents.

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 Looking for workshops or parent support groups around challenging behaviors? 

In addition to our individualized support plans for parents, we also continuously offer both free and fee-based training opportunities throughout San Diego County. If you are interested in learning about upcoming trainings, contact [email protected] to be added to our mailing list or print the flyer below!


An Investment in Your Child

Behavior Support Services is committed to providing individualized care of the highest quality to each family and child we serve. To ensure these standards are maintained, our services are structured as follows.

Services begin with the purchase of a Start-Up Package:

Start-Up Package ($200 one-time fee; due upon registration)

  • Intake and Assessment Meeting
  • Completion and Analysis of Developmental/Behavioral Screening Tools
  • Observation Session (In-Home or In-Care/Preschool)
  • Behavior Support Plan Meeting
  • Check-In Call

After completing a Start-Up Package, families can determine with their Behavior Resource Specialist if additional “Coaching Sessions,” or “Observation Sessions,” are needed.

Add-Ons ($50 per session):

  • Additional Coaching Sessions
  • Additional Observation Sessions

Success Stories from Parents in the Program

From the moment you came and we conducted the meeting I saw there was an immediate shift in the behavior. This has been such a positive experience for both us and his school. The teachers are working with our son differently, and we are just so thankful for the program. Our son has started to use the language we give him to talk about his feelings.”

-Parent Participant

Our son loves the tools the program gave us. We use the story about our “Personal Space Bubble,” every day and he has started to use the language with us and his friends. The school has told us that he is doing much better, and we are so excited by the improvements.”

-Parent Participant

The positive praise techniques have been wonderful for my son. He is more responsive, and he really enjoys our one on one time together. The school is really trying to implement the strategies since our joint meeting, and they don’t call as frequently to report any outbursts. I see the progress he is making, and I know it will just keep getting better.”

-Parent Participant

Looking for professional support as an early educator or center-based caregiver?

For challenging behaviors in early education and care settings, we also offer individualized professional development plans and group training services. To learn more about behavior support services available for early educators contact [email protected] or click the image below for more information!