Surfing… and so much more!

We love our traditional camp activities like archery, climbing tower, crafts, and campfires. If you have never experienced Ga Ga, get ready for high-energy chaos!

Check out some of our activities:

Ga-Ga Court

Believe it or not, this is one of the favorite past-times at Camp Surf.

Even with the beautiful Pacific Ocean and all the other fun activities we offer, Ga-Ga has a HUGE following.

Kids of all ages love it. Fun and intense, you better have your A-game ready!

Arts and Crafts

The cool thing about Arts and Crafts is that we don't offer it for the actual crafts themselves...we offer it for several other awesome reasons. Communication, connection and creativity are the true purpose for this program area. The conversations that are had and connections made while working on the projects can sometimes be the best part of the whole experience.  Activating your brain while being creative is always a great thing as well! We have a wide variety of crafts to facilitate that growth, including:

  • Masks
  • Sand candles
  • Friendship Braclets
  • Knitting and so much more!


Prepare to take aim, learn all the correct terminology for the parts of the bow and arrow, and perhaps learn a bit of responsibility along the way. There are two separate archery ranges that include:

  • Six targets each
  • Age-appropriate firing lines
  • Quality equipment
  • Staff-led instruction
  • Shade and board games while you wait

Climbing Tower

Campers will learn goal setting and have four challenge by choice activities. Amenities include:

  • Instruction and assistance provided by certified staff
  • 35 feet of climbing surface
  • Added features to challenge advanced climbers
  • Shaded waiting area with seating and board games

Camp Surf Waterfront

Children, Teens and Families develop skills, strengthen relationships and build confidence along 1/4 mile of pristine, undeveloped beach

  • USLA Certified ocean lifeguard service
  • Surfing and body boarding instruction
  • Over 100 soft-top surfboards to choose from
  • Over 100 body boards
  • Sand sculpting equipment and beach games
  • Separate surfing and body boarding/swimming areas for safety
  • Weekend “Castaway” Programs: Camping right on the beach!
  • Summer Overnight Camps: Ocean kayaking for teens and ocean safety classes

Playing Field

Plenty of space to run and play, from organized games to team-building to carnival.

Physical activity lets kids get the wiggles out!

Low Ropes Course

YMCA Camp Surf provides certified, knowledgeable staff for your leadership development and team-building groups. From beginner to advanced, kids, teens and adults can expand boundaries and build lifelong skills.

Available during School Outdoor Education, Leadership Development and Summer Resident Camp.