The Camp Surf Experience

There's nothing else like it in Southern California - forty-five acres of beautiful campgrounds right on the Pacific Ocean.

Camp Map - PDF



  • Thirteen cabins
  • Sixteen beds in each
  • Simple cabin design - each bunk has it's own light, window, and an outlet
  • Cabins are clustered in groups/villages

Platform Tents

  • Two platform tents
  • Twelve beds in each
  • Solar powered lighting
  • Feels like sleeping in a real bed, but outdoors!


  • Four cabents
  • Twelve beds in each
  • Half roll-up canvas sides
  • Comfy with lots of room

Watermen Village

This solar-powered village provides seclusion from the rest of the camp and includes:

  • A gazebo with six picnic tables
  • Private campfire area
  • Four open-air “cabents” with canvas window covers
  • Two platform tents
  • Each has lights and limited outlets
  • The village has a total of seventy-two beds for campers

Beach Camping

Camp Surf is one of the last remaining places where you can pitch your tent right in the sand! Pack light and wake up to the surf at your doorstep. Fire ring, trash, recycling and port-a-potties are close by. Up to three-hundred people can camp in tents on our beach.


Camp Surf has two large central restrooms with private showers and toilet stalls.

Portable toilets are also located at outlying program areas and on the beach for your convenience.


Walter's R.E.E.F.

  • Conference style seating for up to fifty people
  • Seating for forty at round tables
  • Includes a sound system and display for presentations
  • Wireless internet available
  • Drink service and optional lunch
  • Demonstration gray-water system

Food Service

McKinney Oceanfront Center and Dining Hall

A great setting for meals, board games or socializing with a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean, Point Loma, the Coronado Islands and Imperial Beach pier.

Indoor seating for more than two hundred people, with a shaded, outside patio that can seat an additional hundred-sixty people.

We offer buffet and family style service with most meals prepared from scratch. This is not your typical camp fare! Amenities include:

  • Fruit and cereal bar at every breakfast
  • Salad bar at lunch and dinner
  • Hot entree at all meals
  • Buffet and family style meals
  • Protein option available for vegetarians
  • Fresh fruit at all meals

Our Food Philosophy

Delicious and nutritious meals are the focus of the YMCA Camp Surf kitchen! Environmental stewardship is also important, and we carry our respect for the Earth from the kitchen to your table. Camp and school programs eat family style to promote conversation and community. Our weekend guests eat buffet style to support positive smaller group and parent/child interactions. Healthy choices are available for all appetites, from little campers to adults!

We can accommodate special food needs and diets as follows:

  • Vegetarian: Our breakfast bar includes fresh fruit, cottage cheese, yogurt, oatmeal, and cereal (soy or cow milk). Our lunch/dinner salad bar offers a healthy selection of fresh vegetables, salads, and fruit. We serve a vegetarian alternative to each main course which is similar, but with a non-meat protein.
  • Gluten allergies: We are able to provide some gluten free items such as pastas, pizza, pancakes, breads and desserts.
  • Tree nut and peanut allergies: We do not use or buy nuts of any kind, however we do offer peanut butter (kept in the kitchen for requests only). We also label cereals that have been made in factories the process nuts.
  • Lactose intolerance: We serve soy milk and can make great dishes without dairy.
  • Kosher: We may be able to meet your needs with vegetarian options. Please ask!
  • Vegan: We do not provide vegan meals, but can provide a lot of animal-free food. Feel free to ask us.

If we are not able to adequately meet your food needs, we are happy to refrigerate items that you bring in a self-contained and clearly labeled box or cooler to supplement your meals.

If you have any questions or your dietary concerns are not addressed, please feel free to contact Joseph Breedlove, the Food Service Director at (619) 423-5850 or [email protected].