Gymnastics Competitive Teams

For gymnasts ready to transition to advanced skills, we have several options for our competitive teams. Our Team programs help our gymnasts advance both physically and mentally as they progress into competitions against other YMCA's and private clubs. Our team programs are great for gymnasts who want to take their skills to the next level or pursue a collegiate career. We strive to maintain a positive environment that builds healthy bodies, strong minds and willing spirits. All our team levels are year-round commitments and require evaluation.

  • Girls Competitive Teams (USAG Junior Olympics)
  • Boys Competitive Teams
  • Xcel
  • TeamGym

To learn more about our competitive teams, contact your branch's gymnastics director. Looking for a different gymnastics program? Find all of our gymnastics programs, events, and other activities here.

New Standardized Curriculum

We’ve standardized our gymnastics programs across San Diego to provide our gymnasts with a clear path to advance their skills. View our Gymnastics Progression Path Guide!

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Girls Competitive Teams (USAG Developmental Program)

The YMCA offers two distinct programs that follow the Junior Olympics programs. The first competitive program is called Compulsory Gymnastics and athletes perform the same routines at each event that are chosen by the United States Gymnastics Association (USAG).

Optional Gymnastics is more advanced and allows gymnasts to perform unique routines at competitive events. These competitive programs are for gymnasts Level 4-10 and participation is year-round. 

Boys Competitive Teams

Boys Competitive Teams start with our Level 4 all the way to Elite. This program is intended to build strength, skill, talent and drive to support gymnasts' success in a competitive setting. This program competes among private clubs, local and abroad. In order to participate in this program children will be submitted to an evaluation based on skill level and level of dedication.


The Xcel teams compete at a level that matches their skills. There are five levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Xcel teams compete against other YMCA's and private clubs and is a year-round commitment that offers advanced development of skills and the comradery of a team environment.  


TeamGym focuses on equipment such as floor, mini-trampoline and vault and is for a diverse array of ages, starting at 6 years old.

This program helps gymnasts develop floor routines consisting of tumbling passes and partner tricks and allows participation at the competitive level. TeamGym is a year-round program. 

Gymnastics Policies & FAQ's

The health and safety of our participants and staff continue to be our top priority. Additionally, there are things that our gymnasts must know and bring to our classes. Our gymnastics programs follow state, local and federal guidelines to ensure a safe experience.

View Gymnastics Policies & FAQ's