Preschool Gymnastics (For Toddlers & Children Under 5 Years Old)

 Our preschool gymnastic classes give your child a fun physical activity in a safe environment. This is a great way to introduce your child to developing fine social, listening, balance and motor skills. 

We offer several gymnastics program options for children and teens so your kids, big and small, can build confidence and self-respect while improving their strength and flexibility!

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New Standardized Curriculum

We’ve standardized our gymnastics programs across San Diego to provide our gymnasts with a clear path to advance their skills. View our Gymnastics Progression Path Guide!

gymnastics levels

Parent/Child Gymnastics

Accompanied by a caregiver, children ages 18 months to 2.9 years learn to be comfortable in a gymnasium setting while setting the stage for a healthy lifestyle. This safe, fun and supportive environment enhances motor development and eye-hand coordination allowing your child to develop both physical and mental skills through various skill-focused rotations and free playtime.

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Transitional Parent/Child Gymnastics (Ages 2.5 - 3.5)

Promote a healthy lifestyle while prepping your gymnast for the transition to a class without the full attention of a caregiver. Basic gymnastic fundamentals and class etiquette are developed through various skill-focused rotations and free playtime to enhance motor development and eye-hand coordination allowing your child to develop both physical and mental skills. Parents are required to stay in the vicinity should your child need one-on-one assistance.

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Preschool Gymnastics (Ages 3 - 5)

Preschoolers will increase their confidence transitioning into an independent class and learning new skills on gymnastics equipment including trampoline, bars, beam, and floor. Children must be able to separate from their parents and follow directions from a coach. Obstacle courses, parachutes, songs and other tools are used to develop balance, coordination, flexibility and strength through various skill-focused rotations to enhance motor development and eye-hand coordination.

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Hotshots Gymnastics (Ages 3 - 6)

Expanding on skills learned in Preschool Gymnastics, this fast paced class allows participants to explore vault, bars, and beam equipment to increase comfort and familiarity while enhancing motor development and hand-eye coordination. This class will prepare gymn asts for higher levels in our recreational program.

Hotshots 1*

This class is for gymnasts ages 3-4, who are ready for more challenging skills but are too young to move to recreational levels. Skill taught on this class are based on Beginner and Level 1 skills.

Hotshots 2*

Gymnasts ages 4-6 will expand on skills learned in Preschool Gymnastics. Children that already achieved all required skills, can continue working on more challenging skills and preparing for higher level recreational programming, once they reach age and skills requirement.

Hotshots 3*

This is a class for gymnasts ages 4-6 that will work on more challenging skills. This fast-paced class prepares participants for recreational gymnastics, allowing participants to explore vault, bars, and beam equipment while enhancing technical skills.

*Prerequisites required to participate in this class.

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Many of our YMCAs offer preschool gymnastics classes — check the program finder for options at all locations. Learn more about the Y's full progressive gymnastics programs on our gymnastics page

Gymnastics Policies & FAQ's

The health and safety of our participants and staff continue to be our top priority. Additionally, there are things that our gymnasts must know and bring to our classes. Our gymnastics programs follow state, local and federal guidelines to ensure a safe experience.

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