Check Out Photographs of Your Camper and Send a Message

Check out photos of your summer camper by visiting the appropriate camp’s private photo gallery below. Make sure you have your unique password on hand to view the gallery. This year is unique where we will be all working together to make smugmug happen.

With our main focus being on your incredible campers we will do our best at capturing those special moments on camera. Please have patience as it may take us a few days to get all the photos up for you to view. Our mountain camps have had issues with wi-fi connectivity, please be patient.

Photos are free to view and available for purchase through SmugMug.

For your camper’s safety, please do not share/publish your photo gallery password.

Please Note: Our photographer tries to include all children in the photo gallery, but due to timing, camera-shyness, and off-site 
excursions, not all campers will be in a photo every day.

One-Way Email

Send your camper a one-way email message! Limiting to one message per day/per family will help us cut printing costs of this free service.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I View Pictures? After choosing the appropriate camp link you will be leaving our website and transferred to the photo galleries hosted at SmugMug. You’ll be prompted to enter the password that you received at check-in (and via email). After entering your gallery password choose the correct camp session. Photos are kept in galleries based on the camp village your camper resides in as well as galleries for “ALL CAMP” activities when everyone at camp is participating together. Click on any gallery to see the pictures within that gallery. You can even purchase prints or other photo gifts (e.g. T-shirts, mugs) of your favorite picture! Photo purchases/downloads are fulfilled though the SmugMug vendor. There is NO COST to simply view the photos. Watermarks DO NOT appear on photo purchases.
How Do I Send a One-Way Email to My Camper?  Simply click the appropriate camp link form the one-way email section above. Enter your camper’s name, select the correct cabin and village, provide your email address, type your message, and hit the “Send” button. This is a FREE service so please help us keep costs down by limiting your messages to one per day/per family. Emails are printed and delivered to your camper once per day. Emails sent after 7am will most likely be delivered the following day.
Can Other Relatives Use These Services? Certainly. However, for camper safety we ask that you do not publish your smugmug photo gallery password via social media, etc. Please provide it to relatives in a secure/private manner. FOR ONE-WAY EMAILS: although the service is free to use it does have significant paper and printing costs to the camp so please limit your usage of this system.
What Do I Do If I Lost My Password? The photo gallery passwords were emailed to the address on file prior to your arrival at camp, as well as, given out on cards at check-in. If you’ve cannot locate either of these sources please Click on Contact Us to Contact.
Contact Us Click on to contact.