Our Pines to Palms newsletter is meant to rekindle memories, relive cherished moments, reconnect with fellow camp enthusiasts and remember the incredible experiences we shared. The Pines to Palms Newsletter serves as a hub for all things related to our YMCA overnight camps. Here, you'll find a wealth of engaging content, including exciting updates on camp developments, upcoming events, and opportunities to get involved.

C.A.M.P. stands for Camp Alumni from the Mountains to the Pacific, representing a community that spans across YMCA overnight camps. Whether you spent your summers exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Camp Marston, horseback riding at Raintree Ranch, or catching waves at Camp Surf, this newsletter is tailored exclusively for you, our valued alumni and friends.


It's wonderful to see the new life and energy that spring brings to our overnight camps. We are delighted that the winter snow and rain has filled the lake at Camp Marston and stimulated a beautiful array of wildflowers and growth.

I recently celebrated one year as the executive director with our YMCA overnight camps after moving from North Carolina. I have learned to appreciate the amazing geographical diversity in our camps and the opportunities ahead of us in advancing our positive impact on campers and staff. The outdoor experiences we provide are key in building confidence, resilience and social skills — all important in the healthy development of a child.

As we enter our 103rd summer season, we have lots of great updates to share, including new activities, off-site trips and facility renovations. The best news is that our counselor team is almost all hired and are chomping at the bit to provide amazing experiences for campers. I look forward to meeting you and hope you will visit our camps this summer.

In the spirit of camp,
Jamie Cosson | Executive Director