Through our Y programs, and the support of our wonderful Licensed Child Care team, kids have the opportunity to immerse themselves into the world of STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. STEAM helps foster a child's creative thinking, problem solving and innovative thinking skills by encouraging them to ask questions, discover answers and think outside of the box. When kids engage in activities that combine different elements of STEAM subjects, they discover a wider range of perspectives when solving problems.

On May 23, 2019, over 225 parents, teachers and Y staff came together for our 6th Annual Child and Youth Development STEAM Fair hosted by the YMCA. The event featured dozens of educational activities and interactive displays which gave kids the opportunity to learn, play and discover a wealth of scientific information. The YMCA STEAM Fair continues to showcase the incredible support and enriching programming offered to children through the YMCA's Before and After School Programs. With 20% of children living below the poverty line in South County, this unique program is an essential resource for working parents, who are able to comfortably rely on the Y to provide a safe learning environment for their children. By integrating STEAM activities into our Y programs, we hope to help youth develop crucial, transferable skills and prepare them for future success in our ever-changing world.