National Girls & Women in Sports Day is on February 7! February 7, 2024, marks the 38th annual National Girls & Women in Sports Day (NGWSD) from the Women's Sports Foundation, who is celebrating 50 years of empowering women in sports! This day of celebration inspires girls and women to play, be active and realize their full power. Celebrate with us as we take a moment to recognize the achievements of female athletes and the progress made in promoting gender equality in sports. At the Y, we are dedicated to making every day a celebration of the incredible potential that lies within every girl who chooses to embrace the world of sports. To learn more about this important day and the Women's Sports Foundation, visit the website here.

Celebrating National Girls and Women in Sports Day

This National Girls and Women in Sports Day, Ferrari Funches, our very own Association Sports Collaborative Chair, and Sports Director at Jackie Robinson Family YMCA, was featured on Gwynn & Chris on 97.3 The Fan this afternoon at 2:40pm for a special live radio interview. Funches shared her thoughts on the significance of the day and expressed her hope for a future where women's success in sports is celebrated year-round. This conversation emphasized the increasing acceptance of women in sports, and all agreed on the importance of this day. For those interested in delving deeper into Funches' insights, she shared more during the interview. You can catch the full conversation here

As we celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day, Ferrari Funches and the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA serve as inspiring advocates, working towards a future where every day is a celebration of women in sports.

GIRLS IN THE GAMEyoung girls playing soccer

Playing sports isn't just about competition – it's about empowerment, confidence and lifelong skills. According to research from the Women's Sport Foundation, 93% of girls aged 7-13 who engage in sports either like or love playing, and three-quarters of those who love it plan to continue in high school and beyond, revealing the long-term impact of sports on girls' lives. For young girls, engaging in sports goes beyond the field or court; it fosters mental resilience, emotional strength and physical well-being. Through sports, girls are equipped to face life's challenges with confidence and grace, gaining invaluable skills that extend far beyond the boundaries of the game. Participating in multiple sports is beneficial for physical health, yet only 37.4% of teens engage in more than one sport, making it all the more crucial to promote diverse sports involvement among girls. From playing sports, girls create strong female friendships and develop a strong sense of identity, self-esteem and a positive body image from engaging in consistent physical activity.


The YMCA's commitment to inclusivity and equality in sports is deeply rooted in its history. Since the late 19th century, the YMCA has been a trailblazer ingirl with soccer ball breaking down barriers and providing opportunities for women to engage in physical activities when such participation was limited elsewhere. Through its inclusive approach, the YMCA has created spaces where women can enjoy the health, leadership and community benefits of team sports and recreational activities. YMCA sports programs, leagues, clinics and lessons continue to host a variety of options that are designed to cater to ensure that women of all ages feel welcome and supported.

Today at the YMCA of San Diego County, girls can discover the transformative power of sports in a supportive and inclusive environment. From basketball and soccer to swimming and gymnastics, girls of all ages and abilities can find their place on the field, court or pool. With experienced coaches and a nurturing community, the YMCA encourages girls to explore their passion for sports while fostering confidence, teamwork and skill development. 


The YMCA of San Diego County is more than just a sports facility – it's an inclusive, supportive community that encourages personal and physical development. By joining the YMCA sports community, girls gain access to top-notch facilities, coaching and a fun, engaging environment that fosters well-being and belonging. Whether it's basketball, soccer, swimming, or any other sport, the YMCA is dedicated to providing a safe and encouraging space for girls to thrive both on and off the playing field.

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