The YMCA of San
Diego County is pleased to announce that
the Copley Family YMCA and
the South Bay Family YMCA have each been selected to receive major funding (
nearly $10M) through the $368
million Statewide Park Program (SPP)
the Sustainable Communities and Climate Change Reduction Chapter of Proposition

SPP awards grants for the creation of new parks and recreation facilities in
critically underserved communities throughout California
. The
SPP is a function of the State Parks and Recreation Department.

Statewide Park Program was intensely competitive. These YMCA projects were two
of the 64 selected for funding from a pool of more than 400 applications
requesting more than $1.3B, far exceeding the $184 million available
in this second round of

incredible funding opportunity from

will go a long way in our Y serving more people, in more locations, in an equal
,¢‰âÂå said Baron
Herdelin-Doherty, President and CEO, YMCA of San Diego
County. ¢‰âÒThe awards are specifically for agencies serving low-income
communities that lack park space and recreational amenities a perfect fit for
us. This is an amazing
accomplishment for our Y and it will change lives for the
better for years to come.¢‰âÂå

Copley Family YMCA was awarded
$5M to
develop the new Copley-Price Family YMCA in the community of City Heights
located on the former Pearson Ford site. Construction will include a new
aquatics center, a
53,000 square foot recreation
center with an adult and youth fitness area, a teen recreation area/computer
center, child watch/preschool area, an enclosed pool, social lounge, community
meeting room, restrooms, outdoor picnic area and open space and a parking structure. The service area for this new Y will be the
combined neighborhoods of City
Heights, Talmadge and
Kensington, bringing together three very diverse communities within the Y environment.

The South Bay Family YMCA was awarded $4,994,700 to create the new Bayside YMCA in the City
of Chula Vista
through development of 4.32 acres of land. This project on the west side of Chula Vista will be accomplished in collaboration with
the Chula Vista
Elementary School
District; on the Mae Feaster Elementary School
Campus which is a charter school within the district.

will include a new aquatics center, a 32,000 square foot recreation center with
a teen and family exercise area, child recreation area, social lounge,
restrooms, and an outdoor one-mile exercise path with fitness stations, covered
sports field and playground.

¢‰âÒThese new South Bay and Copley
Family YMCA's are an example of what voters envisioned when they approved the
2006 Bond Act, Sedrick Mitchell, Deputy Director, California State
Parks.¢‰âÒChildren, seniors, and families - and future generations - will
have a safe place to play and exercise within walking distance from their
homes. These bond funds will make the community's vision a reality.¢‰âÂå

The average grant amount was
approximately $2.9 million.53 new parks will be created and 11 existing
parks will be expanded or substantially improved.

The nearly $10M in grants for these two YMCAs will
be administered by the
California State
Parks' Office of Grants and Local Services (OGALS)
. OGALS grant programs that provide
funds to local and state agencies and other organizations. Grants are generally
for park, recreation and resources related projects.
OGALS reported that youth, seniors, and families
determined what they wanted in their
parks and recreation facilities through extensive community based planning.

The YMCA of San Diego
County also earned $4,989,927 for the creation of the new Jackie Robinson
Family YMCA
Teen & Family Recreation Center
project in round one of the Statewide Park Program in Nov. of 2010. Round one
was also intensely competitive and the project was one of the 62 selected for
funding from a pool of almost 500 applications.