Take a moment to read a powerful testimonial from a Ukrainian refugee family. They've shared their story so that we can remember how our work matters, our annual campaign is crucial, and how we are all connected.

"My two kids, daughter Dasha (10) and son Vova (8), and I are refugees from Ukraine. My husband remains in Ukraine. We are here because of war; we are praying for my husband and for Ukraine every day. It was a very hard decision to leave Ukraine and evacuate, but we were in the heart of the war (we are from Bucha, a suburb of Kyiv). Our evacuation was horrible, and it's a miracle that we are alive. My first priority is my kids' security.

In Ukraine all of us had happy lives and we used to play sports, my son played soccer and my daughter did aesthetician gymnastics and dances. I used to go to my stretch and aerobic classes.

I am endlessly grateful for YMCA Scholarship. I'm so grateful for help and support, and great attitude from all people, who surround us here at YMCA. I'm really grateful for everyone who helps us to be the members of Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA. I feel true love and support from YMCA workers, instructors, parents here. It's priceless. It helps my kids and me feel happy and not alone in the foreign country. It's a great opportunity for my kids play sports here, in America, be happy and healthy. And as a mom I'm really happy when my kids are happy. YMCA membership is a huge contribution to our health and emotional well-being. Thank you!"