Let’s Leave Behind in 2023…

As we turn the page and usher in 2024, let's bid farewell to elements of ourselves that have held us back. Be the hero of your journey!

Let's leave behind self-doubt, the nagging voice whispering that we're not good enough or our dreams are too big. This year, let's all silence that voice, replacing it with one of self-assurance and conviction, knowing within us lies the power to achieve greatness.

Let's turn our back on unhealthy habits and limited beliefs. These beliefs, often ingrained in us over time, restrict us from being the best version of ourselves. Let's break free from these self-imposed chains, embracing a mindset of limitless potential.

Negative self-talk will find no home in 2024. It's time to change the narrative, to speak to ourselves with kindness, patience, and an unwavering belief in our capabilities.

We're putting an end to feelings of unworthiness. Each of us deserve complete well-being, success, happiness, and good health that advances equity, opportunity, and upward mobility for all. Our worthiness is intrinsic and unchangeable, and in 2024, we celebrate it.

Finally, we leave behind a reluctance to try, to step out of our comfort zones, and dare to create the life we desire. Let's greet 2024 with daring spirits, empowered actions and a relentless pursuit of our dreams. The path to our best selves isn't always comfortable, but it's a journey worth embarking on.

Your Y is here for you. We’re here to ensure all seniors feel less isolated and meet friends. We’re here to create a place where an entire household can gather as a family to exercise, play and learn new skills. We’re here to help parents feel supported knowing their children are in programs intentionally designed to impact our youth's mental, physical and emotional well-being. We’re here to be the catalyst to transform lives and communities.

Join us in making 2024 the year of hope — the year you and our community gain strength and resilience.



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